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For me tattooing is so much more than ink on a skin, it is a pure form of art. I believe that it is a personal story that will be carried with you for the rest of your life. For this reason, my tattoos always have multiple layers, a deeper meaning.

I see tattooing as a process, a story that we’ll write together from the beginning until end. For that reason, I consider it vital to take all the time we need to discuss the tattoo idea, create the ultimate stencil and also share some personal experiences during the process. Getting your tattoo is all about that personal experience, a day that you will always remember.

This is also one of the main reasons why I only work by appointment. When time doesn’t play a role, I am able to work fully focused on the tattoo to get as close to perfection as possible. Where as others may stop at 5PM, I continue until I am satisfied with every detail (If we get hungry, we’ll order some food). I will not settle for less than the best, because I want you to be proud of the piece of art that we have created together.

 Semi- Realistic Black & Grey Tattoo Style:

 I dare to say that I’ve created my own, unique tattoo style, defined by good quality and craftsmanship. I would describe it as a combination of semi-realistic, dot-work or pointillism, but from that last one I mainly use the technique. Professionals will define that style as pepper shading. With that technique the needle touches the skin really smooth, like a brush. Also, the thick outlines of my tattoos are characterising. They ensure that the unique individual elements will be highlighted, even though they are combined together as one.

 That, in combination with the black and grey look, ensures that all my work is filled with power and authority: characteristics that match with the Greek- Roman mythology, statues from Asian temples and other cultures, animals and elements who provide the inspiration for the tattoos I create.

 My tattoos are a form of luxury, exclusive, a unique piece of jewellery, because I want to make sure that my style is recognisable in everything I make. I’m really proud of that, because it took years and years to get here. Only after piles of paper, lots of frustration and endless perseverance, my work started to look like something. That perseverance characterises me as a person and can also be seen in my tattoos.


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